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About Us

The Intelligent Investor bookstore is owned and operated by Tarawera Publishing Limited (TPL).

TPL publishes the NZ Property Investor magazine, ASSET magazine and The NZ Mortgage Mag.

Other websites TPL operates include: 

www.landlords.co.nz - for kiwi property investors

www.depositrates.co.nz - find the best term deposit rates online

www.mortgagerates.co.nz - find the lowest mortgage rates online


www.goodreturns.co.nz - NZ's financial adviser news centre

www.sharetrader.co.nz - the only community for share traders in NZ

www.kiwisaver.net.nz - Kiwisaver news and information on different schemes

Directors Philip & Margie Macalister based TPL in Rotorua to take advantage of the wonderful lifestyle available there whilst raising their three boys.

The company prides itself on always "playing with a straight bat" and supporting local and national community groups and charities.

The company has won a number of awards since it was established in 1995. These include:

  • 1999- Net Guide Awards winner                              
  • 2003 - Rotorua Business Awards Winner - Innovation    
  • 2003 – Deloitte fast 50 Award ( 11th fastest growing company in NZ)
  • 2004 - Rotorua Business Awards Winner – Media, IT and Communications          
  • 2004 - Deloitte fast 50 Award ( 22nd fastest growing company in NZ)
  • 2005 - Telecom Business Excellence Award

Philip Macalister was also named 2008/2009 Industry Contributor of the Year by the Professional Advisers’ Association.

Intelligent Investor Mission Statement

Our mission is to get Kiwis reading books that will help them achieve financial success so they can live the life they want.

We have given away hundreds of books through our monthly Book Giveaways and want to play a part in improving financial literacy in New Zealand.

We will be posting regular reviews of books and products which will assist you in selecting the best information for the stage you are at in your investment journey.

We would love investors to share their success stories with us where a book they have read has inspired them to take actions that have led to financial freedom. You can post to our Facebook page.

The bookstore covers an indepth range of investment books for the property investor through to the share market investor.

If you can't find something you would like, contact us and we'll see what we can do. Our email is books@intelligentinvestor.co.nz or phone tollfree on 0800 345675.

For a great range of fiction books, we can recommend that you visit:  Prices Bookshop.

Prices is based in Taupo and handles fulfilment of orders. It is owned and operated by well known NZ economist Anthony Byett and his wife. Customers purchasing through intelligentinvestor.co.nz may be tickled to think their books are being packaged and dispatched by someone with such a good financial pedigree.