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Wink : A Modern Day Parable of Wealth Beyond Words

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Product Description

by Roger Hamilton

Please note - this book was previously titled "Wink & Grow Rich"

This book is an international bestseller which has been the catalyst for thousands of wealth creators, like you, to discover their natural path to wealth.

You'll find it is one of the most engaging books you've ever read , and it's sure to delight and frustrate with its unique, fresh approach to teaching the principles for wealth creation , and making a lot of money.

Join nine year old Richard on his journey to the "well of wealth" meeting a range of intriguing characters and mentors along the way. Although the lessons on the journey are simple, they are powerful, .., and every read guarantees a new level of understanding which will catapult your ability to create sustainable wealth to new heights.

This book has proven to be the source of much friendly debate and discussion, so share it with your friends, customers and associatesÂ…. This book is a great gift for yourself, customers, colleagues, friends and family.

Time is your greatest asset, and your wealth awaits. So don't waste another minute. Order it TODAY!

Don't question, just read this book.

Read it nowÂ…, read it and grow rich.


Roger Hamilton is Asia's leading wealth consultant.

Roger became a serial entrepreneur, failing many times before becoming a millionaire in his late twenties and retiring at the age of 30. Now, in his retirement he has committed himself to a vision of World Wide Wealth: studying and teaching the concept of making money to give away.

Published: Feb 2007




Reviewed by Vicky Powell, Good Returns

Wink and Grow Rich is an enchanting tale that claims to hold the key to your wealth. It is a story about a young boy growing up in a life of poverty, who is sent on his daily ritual to get water from the "well of wealth". For centuries people in his village had made it a habit to visit the well of wealth every day without fail, believing that by giving generously to the well, it would give generously to them in return.

But one day the boy chose a different path that would change his life forever. On his journey he meets a range of intriguing characters and mentors along the way, who each bestow upon him words of wisdom which he is left to interpret.

I can't delve too much into the story without giving away the plot, but this is a delightful tale within which holds some real gems of wisdom. It won't take you long to read, and as the author recommends, you probably need to re-read the book a few times to appreciate each lesson.

As Hamilton says, "Please use this story as you would a watering can. The more you sprinkle it, the more you will grow." Hamilton is touted as Asia's leading wealth consultant, becoming a millionaire in his late twenties and retiring at the age of thirty. He now owns seven businesses in various industries and focuses on coaching people to wealth via seminars.

If you're wondering why you haven't achieved absolute abundance yet, then this book could well be the key that unlocks your passion for creating wealth.

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